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if it's important to you youll find a way

The Greatest Mindset For Accelerating Your Life

These are the best questions/mindset shift I ask myself every day to make sure I’m making progress toward my goals and not taking it easy on myself. I could write many more but for now I think that these are the main ones that got the wheels rolling at...
Necker island - Virgin

Richard Branson, Necker Island & Choosing Abundance

This is for my own inspiration: Richard Branson turned this island not only in a money generating paradise ($60 000 a night paid mostly by amazing rich and interesting people), but also use it as his home away from every problems and distractions. Could you find a better “work”...
Human caught looking at real life

Human Caught Looking At Real Life [BREAKING NEWS!]

Breaking News: A human was found today looking at real life Fortunately, no one was hurt. Authorities reminded him to quickly update his Facebook feed about the fact that he was facing a huge jar filled with 3722 almonds. Authorities also tagged him as “independent thinker” and will be watched...
useless keyboard Windows keys

Venting About The Microsoft Wedge Keyboard

I can’t talk enough about usability and plain logic. It’s my pet peeve of life. I get annoyed by gizmos and gadgets that get it wrong. And now I just bought a brand new Microsoft minimalist keyboard and it’s driving me insane. Remember the 90s, the time before Apple used...