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The 30 Minute Experiment

In the last 10 years, I’ve tested a lot of different time management tricks and ways to make me both stop procrastination but also produce more meaningful and useful work in a day while making progress toward my life goals. It’s been a hard, even brutal, slow, painful march toward...

The First Trillion Dollar Industry will be…

This is a short essay about what I believe has the chance to become the first trillion dollar industry. Although it could end up not be “exactly the first” (because for example, the health industry could blossom at any moment with products that enhance the lifespan of people or...
yahoo mail signature - you see your copied image

How to Add An Image To Your Yahoo Mail Signature

Although by default, there is no option to add an image in your Yahoo Mail signature, there is however a quick, easy way to go around this limit and still do it. Here’s how: STEP 1   Click the COG WHEEL on the TOP RIGHT corner of the Yahoo...
August 29, 2014

Theory Of Precious Knowledge & Why It Makes You Think Small

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times lately in recent blog posts, I’ve developed an accelerating passion for reading books of all types and that interest has grown steadily toward biographies and history books. And the reason is simple: every time I see what a well known, successful person...
Poor people that are much more desperate than us will soon take over

These people WILL be responsible for the DOWNFALL of USA

I was reading this article on Richard Branson’s website today and a few thoughts came to mind, especially when I saw that “Nepal” was on the list of startup cities to watch out for. I think that us North American are living in a sort of “safety bubble” where we think...