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100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger #12 / 100

My 100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger 12/100

Stranger 12 / 100 from my 100 Strangers Photo Challenge


1rst word that comes to your mind: Book. I told her it was probably because i was holding a book and she agreed.

I met Camille at the “L’Escalier” , a very original, funky-grunge coffee/lunch/beer/show place in downtown Montreal. I was reading my book when she and her boyfriend came beside me to sit at the same table i was. After a while, he got up to get food but it took a lot of time to do so. As i was at the end of my chapter i streched a bit and saw that she looked bored, and took the opportunity to take a break form my book and talk to her about the project. She accepted right away without any hesitation.

Tell me the 1rst FUN anecdote or story that comes to your mind and that happened to you lately: She was in a subway car and it was rush hour so it was packed-full of people. Then someone farted loudly and it smelled really bad but noone could move so they all stayed there smelling the fart! They coulnd find either who did it so it was pretty funny. Camille is a 2nd year student at UQAM in “Éducation Adaptative” where they take care of the hard core problem students. I told her she was really courageous about doing that and it was really a great job. Her boyfriend came back and sat with us and we started talking about his job and other things and he was really nice and open. He said he was an actor, story-teller and singer and gave me his business card. I thanked them and left because it was getting late.

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