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100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger #22 / 100

My 100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger 22/100

Stranger 22/ 100 from my 100 Strangers Photo Challenge


Aissatou was my 4th stranger in my 10 stranger special subway challenge. She was born in Guinea on the African continent and moved to Montreal when she was 9 years old. Since she was reading something and looked really focused i asked her what it was. She told me it was a speech for a Miss Africa beauty competition that was happening on Feb 23rd in the Olympia theater. She said that was her ending discourse she planned to say at the event. Because she told me she was really prepared and ready, i asked her if she could give me a preview of her speech. It was about the fact that african women are very smart and beautiful people, but since a young age are mistreated, beaten and never given proper education and very few can get out of that misery. She really want to help out and give back to her community so she is going back to do humanitarian help next year. I told her it was a beautiful project and that i really loved her speech and wished her good luck for the event.

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