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100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger #25 / 100

My 100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger 25/100

Stranger 25 / 100 from my 100 Strangers Photo Challenge


Anetha was my 7th stranger in my 10 stranger special subway challenge. She looked like she was going to the gym so i stopped her to know more. She is a dietetist and was born in Sri Lanka and move to France when she grew older. She later moved to Toronto, Calgary and now Montreal. Since she’s young, she’s taking advantage of all opportunities to move around in the world. Her next move she wanted to make was in Vancouver, but she her resume wasn’t selected for a job as a nutrition director for a local hospital. So she’s turning her head towards either Japon or Germany for her next move.

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2 comments on “100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger #25 / 100
    • Thanks Douglas! I have 8 new strangers to add to my list for this challenge, but i’ve been so busy that i just couldn’t add them last week…

      If you like the 100 strangers project, i highly recommend you check out my version + their original website. It’s truly amazing to talk to perfect strangers and get them to open about their life.