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100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger #6 / 100

My 100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger 6/100

Stranger 6/ 100 from my 100 Strangers Photo Challenge


1rst word that comes to your mind: magic

I met Letitia while buying tea at the shopping mall downtown. I went to talk to her since I loved her cool purple hair and she was the one who was smiling the most. Since I was really interested in all the teas and teasan she started showing like 20 different types of green tea, oolong, roibos, herbs, etc. So we exchanged what our favorite flavors and style was 😉 and since the prices were really good (4$ for 25 grams) I asked her to give me a “sample collection” of 6 teas so I could do a little “taste-test”. When I told her about the 100 strangers project, she was thrilled and immediately wanted to be part of it.

Tell me the 1rst FUN anecdote or story that comes to your mind and that happened to you lately: Yesterday, while she was smoking shisha at a friend’s place, another friend kept telling her that because she was so clumsy, she would surely hit the pipe and burn the couch with the charcoal. So because of that, he told her she shouldn’t smoke so close to the furniture. She was like “no it’s fine I’ll be carefull!”… and seconds later she hit it and as the pipe was falling, the charcoal started falling toward the couch so in an effort to save the furniture, she launched toward the pipe, grabbed it and caught the charcoal with the other hand and burned herself. She showed me the burn and it was pretty bad, big and all around the skin “that folds a lot” around the thumb, so each time she moves her hand it hurts a lot. But since she seems to always see the positive side of things, she told me that since she’s always grabbing and moving around cold tin can at the tea shop, it feels good to her hand ;-D

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