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100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger #8 / 100

My 100 Strangers Challenge: Stranger 8/100

Stranger 8 / 100 from my 100 Strangers Photo Challenge


1rst word that comes to your mind: House

That one was pretty funny. While i was trying to psych myself into going to open a set of girls on a mall bench that guy saw me act weird (i was doing my weird-psych-dance-NLP-move, which does look stupid, lol) so we started talking and got see his shop which i thought was pretty cool since he was selling sunglasses and i was looking to buy those classic Rayban Aviator sunglasses and they had them in stock. So i started looking around and didn’t find exactly the one i was looking for but while i was there, i told him about the project and if he wanted to be part of it and he agreed. I then asked him about his word, which was “house” since it was written in big letters in front of him.

Tell me the 1rst FUN anecdote or story that comes to your mind and that happened to you lately: So last Friday he left a local bar, called “Foufounes Électriques” and while in the city bus, he and his friend started talking to another guy who was spanish and they asked him to speed teach them a couple of words. But since they were pretty drunk, the only spanish word he remembered was “Cerveza”.

After his story, I told him a great way to meet people and learn other languages/cultures is to get on couchsurfer.org and get ppl from different countries at his home to stop, chat, exchange and learn and he loved the ideas.

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