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250 push-ups because I failed

So for those who asked… here it is: I had a challenge in December 2013 which the goal was to achieve my first automated revenue $ online by the 25th and that if i failed to do so, i’d have to do 250 pushups in one go as a consequence.

Since I’m a bit out of shape, 250 pushups was a tall order. And on top of that I had to do them in under 16 minutes since it was the time left on my memory card (which is why you see me check the camera a few times). I know that my form was also pretty horrible and I didn’t do full pushups but I simply didn’t have the strength to do so. Anyway, that was a good experience and that still hurt like hell and it was pretty tough! Since I wanted to also get something good out of this challenge, I also took the opportunity to play around in Camtasia 2 and found the black and white filter and tried to copy the Chase Jarvis style which did come out great! Maybe I could try other things in my other videos?

The challenge stipulated that I had to the video online afterwards and on my blog. So here it is: 

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