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About mindsets. About life. (read at your own risks, it could piss you off…)


Just a little thought experiment, or essay, i had today and i felt like sharing. Tell me what you think about it. 

Warning: it could piss you off, or ruin your life, or change your vision of it. It’s actually what i want. Because i care a lot: I believe that you must live your passion.



What is the difference between earning 1 millions $ per year vs earning 30 000$ per year?   (scroll down)






Barely any.


The only difference is what you think about during the day… because whether you’re earning 1500$ per month or 80 000$ per month,  you’re pushing the same keys on your computer keyboard, using the same pen the same way using the same hand, sitting on the same chair for the same amount of time, you’re eating 3 times a day probably the same meals.


In other words, the only difference is what you do with your brain, or more precisely how you use it. The most surprising thing is that for the brain, thinking about ways to make 1500$ per month or 80 000$ per month is not harder, its just different. It doesn’t use more energy, more stress or more processing power. Basically, instead of thinking about a red square you’re thinking about a green circle: the brain doesn’t care and doesn’t break a sweat about it.


So if everything being equal, then why aren’t you going for the million?


If you settle for less it means you are afraid of living greatness and think greatness is for others. Since you voluntarily want to have less, you are choosing to let greatness pass you by


If i offered you to choose between a bill of 10$ and one of 1000$ and told you that i absolutely didn’t care which one you took (and i would leave it on the table for ANYBODY to take it if you didn’t), would you really pick the 10$?  




So why choose the “10$” in the bigger scheme of life? PS: …and by the way, speaking of abundance, if i gave you the choice of 10$ or 1000$, and told you i didn’t really care, you’d have to take BOTH.


Or maybe money is evil, and I’m all wrong, and we should leave it to others to enjoy, like actors, hockey players, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, innovators, and other people living a crazy life of adventure.


“Bad money bad”, is thinking Richard Branson on his private tropical island living an amazing life of travel and adventures, balloon travel, kite surfing, meeting the most amazing entrepreneurs, thinkers, dreamers of this planet. “Bad money, bad”, says Elon Musk, currently pushing humanity into the last frontier of space and saving the planet with a new type of electric car that is throwing the car industry on its knees.


… and if you’d say that – that money is evil – then why don’t you give me 1000$, since you don’t want it? You see, you actually VALUE money, since you won’t give me 1000$. The problem is that you think it’s a bad thing to want more money or even that you just don’t deserve it. Damn society-education-mindset. 


But what if money was not a currency, but rather a way in which we put a value on our “hours of life” on this planet? Why do you (purposefully) undervalue yourself? Are you telling me that not only your time isn’t worth a lot (“humm… yeah, this year, my presence on Earth has been worth 52 000$”), but you’d rather work more hours for less money on something you are NOT REALLY passionate about? And that nobody is putting a GUN to you head to do that, that you are actually CHOOSING to do something you don’t want to get up in the morning to do? Somewhere, a unicorn cries.


Sidestep. If you are not thrilled [i REALLY mean THRILLED, EXCITED, EUPHORIC, ENERGETIC] to get up in the morning, every morning, including MONDAYS, then you’re under-valuating your own life by choice. You’re choosing to live for less than you know you want to, doing something you don’t even love-like-crazy. You’re scraping by hour by hour at your job, drinking coffee to stay awake avoid a boredom attack, just wishing your were home relaxing at night. Then, you get home, and do nothing you particularly like because your brain is dead from that horribly boring day at work and “because you need a break”. Click. The TV is open, and you’re listening to something that doesn’t really excite you, just because it’s ON and you don’t have time to find another solution. Time for bed. Morning. Rinse. Repeat. Just when you start to get really tired of it and a few cogs aligns in your brain, it’s time for the weekend. 


“THANKS GOD IT’S FRIDAY”. When i see that online, and everybody laugh at it,  thinking “YES! that’s so true” i feel sad, really sad. And somewhere a Unicorn cries. It cries because you’ve just told the world that the last 40 hours have been horrendous. Just like the 40 others before. And the 40 before. And… ah fuck it. But yet you keep doing it, going Groundhog Day every Mondays. And that blows my mind. I don’t think that you are fully grasping that this is you life and it’s ending 1 minute at a time. And please don’t forget to add to that the 1 hour to get to and the 1 hour to get back from, each day, for a total of 50 hours of horrible, painful, dreadful… Whatever. The Unicorn cries because YOU KNOW that you hate your life and can’t wait for Friday to FINALLY do something you at least relatively like maybe a bit more, AND you’re telling everyone on the Facebook that you hate your life AND everyone is answering back that they hate their life tooYet, nobody change anything, life goes on. Rinse and repeat. I must admit, that makes me cry a bit too. Especially when TGIF gets too many likes, urk. You should always be doing something you like at the moment you’re doing it. Oups, typo. I didn’t mean “like”, i meant “LOVE”. And that way TGIF would not even exist. All I see is a bunch of people doing stuff they hate while they are waiting to die. Comfort is deadly. It’s a slow, painless killer.


Do you remember the best time you’ve had in the past 10 years? It probably involved creativity in any forms: creating, building, trying, experimenting, acting. Humans are thinkers, doers, builders, creativity cravers. We NEED to create. So why work for somebody else, doing shit you don’t like? Being an entrepreneur is a scary thing and very few people dare to become one. But in the end, it’s the most amazing & rewarding way to spend your life because you’re CREATING. Creativity is what fuels the mind. Want a proof? Take a dog, preferably a smart one (Goldens, Labradors, German Shepherds, etc) and teach it some tricks where it must learn, react, find, solve. The dog will LOVE it and every time it will be “learn time”, that dog will be the happiest thing on the planet. Humans are just the same.


If that doesn’t ring a bell in your head, then there’s nothing we can do for you, Neo. Take the blue pill.


That’s one of the reasons that i have so much trouble understanding all that’s going around me. Because what i see and hear just doesn’t make any sense. Yet it’s what the vast majority accepts.


There is no reason why you wouldn’t want to have many million dollars, an amazing, athletic uber healthy body, immense knowledge, an amazing personality, a dream home, that you’d be around the smartest and best people on Earth, a hot amazingly smart and charismatic girlfriend, that you’d like to change the world, that you’d be free to do whatever you’d like to do all week. Nobody train for the Olympics and say “i’d like to be second to last”. Yet MOST people think like that about life.


Why do you think fat people tend to be around other fat people? Because the LAST (the fattest) think it’s normal to be fat or simply don’t believe they are fat. And all the friends reassure themselves by knowing « I’m OK, since i’m not the fattest ». Change « fat » for « boring job » (“some other people have worst jobs, so I’m OK”). Or « couple relation » (“we might be unhappy, but this couple is always fighting, so we’re fine”). Or. Whatever.


I believe that we are born for nothing less that GREATNESS and all we need to do is TAKE IT, just like the 1010$. Live the life of your dreams, nothing less. And don’t leave any offers made to YOU on the table of life, thinking you don’t deserve it, simply because it doesn’t make any sense and someone will take your share if you don’t.


Or maybe I’m all wrong. In that case, just make sure to remember to pick up my trash 2 times a week on my street, on Mondays and Thursdays, otherwise nobody will do it. Or whatever it is that you don’t really like to do but will still be doing in 8 years. Thanks






Random thoughts & quotes on the subjects and getting there:

  • “If you think like the vast majority, you’re probably doing something horribly wrong”. – Tim Ferriss
    • my thoughts: the vast majority let the vast majority take decisions for them. Someone’s gotta pick your trash, who will do it if I quit? So you keep that job you hate.
  • “It’s only when you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything“. – Tyler Durden, Fight Club
    • my thoughts: comfort is a slow killer of the worst kind. Just like a frog in a pot of slowly eating water. Go ahead, dare to sell everything you own and start anew in a different home. Wanna start small? Take a todo list or file on your computer and delete it. Wait 5 min. See that the world didnt end AND you feel much better.
  • “What you do is more important than how you do everything else. Doing something well does not make it important. Being busy is a form of laziness, indiscriminate action since you’re just doing anything in order to avoid the things that you really want but that are uncomfortable.”  – Tim Ferriss
    • my thoughts: we fill time with things that make no difference because they are comfortable. Thinking outside the box is scary and evil.
  • “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”.  – the protagonist, Fight Club
    • …. Gary Vaynerchuk thoughts about this: “STOP WATCHING FUCKING ‘LOST’ ! “
  • If you don’t fail everyday, it means you’re not trying anything new or hard enough. Therefore you’ll never improve your situation.
  • if there’s a way to do something, there’s a way to do it in 1/10 of the time. Stop wasting your time procrastinating life.
  • if you want to climb a mountain, take the first step and stop whining about it.
  • « If today, you woke up with no fears of failure, boundaries or constraints to stop you, not scared of embarrassment, scared of missing opportunities, fear of loosing what you have or fear of being judged: what would your dream day look like, what could you accomplish, how would you spend those waking hours ? »  – me, the sheet i read every day when i wake up.
  • to get what you want, hustle like a motherfucker. If things would come easy, everyone would have them. Walls are there to stop people that don’t want something bad enough.
  • Do something scary everyday
  • “Most men die at 25… we just don’t bury them until they are 70.” – Benjamin Franklin
  • stop preparing, thinking, planning. DO.
  • nothing will ever be 100% perfect. Live with it. Windows sucks, yet Bill Gates is a billionaire. Stop thinking you need to be perfect. Did you just find an excuse to justify why he is billionaire? Slap yourself, trust me, it will feel good.
  • Building a solid foundation of knowledge, personality, character, notions, tactics:
    • read, learn EVERY day things that make you smarter or more knowledgeable. It is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve GREATNESS if you don’t LEARN SOMETHING EVERY DAY. It is impossible to achieve escape velocity from the mediocre majority if you don’t read intelligent things every day: biographies of successful people, interviews from entrepreneurs, success stories, failure stories, meta-learning books, self-help books, cooking books, etc.
    • experiment every day. Try stuff, do stuff. Anything and everything. Sculpture, cooking, dancing, writing, unicycling. Make it as different and uncomfortable as possible, scare yourself, try something new and CHALLENGING. It is IMPOSSIBLE to become a millionaire if you don’t keep your brain active and diversify what you do with highly difficult, new tasks all the time. Once you develop that problem solving and meta-learning muscles, you’ll be on your way to millions of dollars.
  • stop fucking thinking that the good life is for others and decide (CHOOSE) to be part of the elite, the thinkers, the doers, instead of being the hater.
    • a video that highly motivates me: Summit at Sea video Be part of people like THAT, that are doing amazing things, living the good life, and changing the world. You deserve nothing less than greatness. This is a visual representation of things I want. Find similar ones that would represent your dream life.


Life is your canvas. Decide (write down, NOW, at this very moment) what is the craziest, most exciting life you want to live, in all aspects of it (lifestyle, activities, revenue generation, girls, home, travel, food, knowledge, etc) and then understand that the ONLY THING that is keeping you from living the life of a perfect movie IS YOURSELF. Don’t make it half-assed, watered down, because somebody else will live the perfect dream life while you settle for less: aim for the stars, make it crazy good and then hustle like crazy to get there. Because the millionaire uses the same pen you use.

Make BIG plans. Do crazy things. Push boundaries. Be a Maverick.




Joel Alain


PS: if this helped you in any way, pissed you off or changed your mindset,
please share because you care to save a friend.

Joel Alain is on a quest to the 4 Hour Workweek Lifestyle, Accelerated Growth & Meta Learning. He rejects status quo and the so called "common sense" and creates his own vision of reality. The goal being to live the life you've imagined, no matter how crazy that is. Hop in.
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2 comments on “About mindsets. About life. (read at your own risks, it could piss you off…)
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  2. Hi Joel … Great set of mindset thoughts there. I’m on the entrepreneurial journey myself. It’s a roller coaster ride. In all the ups & downs, fun & fear, falling down & getting up again — I know I’m ALIVE. I live, learn & love my way through life. Rarely is it boring, but when it briefly is, then change is just around the corner 🙂

    Just wrote my own version of your daily fearless quote
    If you woke today, without fear of failure, embarrassment, judgement or losing out; free from boundaries and constraints …

    What might you achieve?
    How would you spend your time?
    How would your dream day play out?

    … and I have printed this for my own daily reference.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂