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About Joel Alain

Joel Alain

I’ve been designing, planning, optimizing and creating websites since 2001. I’ve always had a fascination for marketing, design, learning, the web and technologies and it has served me well.

But, after working 80 hours per week for the better part of the past 10 years, I decided that i needed to change something before going Karōshi because I was seeing zero progress and zero future. I wasn’t just “not looking” forward the next day: I was dreading it.

But more than going Karōshi, I was NOT waking up thrilled & happy to start my day. I WAS GRINDING ALONG, zombie mode, like most other humans. I wasn’t pushing my projects away because I didn’t have time. “I’ll do that when I have time”… You know what? I NEVER found the time, and well, time went by  quickly. Although it’s our most valuable resource, we tend to treat it like it’s worth nothing.

So in 2011, I can truly say that I was sad, overworked, genuinely unhappy and my PASSION was running on the pilot light. All I was doing was this: wake up, open computer, eat, work, eat, work, eat, work, turn off computer, bed. Rinse and repeat, 7 days a week. I reached the point of no return in August 2011. At that point, I hit rock bottom. In fact, I hit it so fast and hard that as my face was scraping along the hard surface, I discovered another layer below it.


The motto “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got” never felt so true. But when you’re a rat in a cage running on the wheel, you don’t realize you are, and it took me a lot of time to understand that if I didn’t change something nothing good would ever happen. You MUST CHOOSE TO MAKE TIME for what’s important. A lesson learned the hard way.

In the beginning of April 2013, I made the vow to myself that I would change my lifestyle in a big way. After reading the 4 Hour Work Week in 2009, I dismissed the book thinking “others can do it, and it’s probably too late anyway” and “I can’t do that”. In 2013, after much work on myself, my mindset, understanding myself and fixing what I knew was wrong and keeping me away from success, I decided to pick the book up again. I read it 7 times, took hundred of notes, PRACTICED every part of it on a daily basis and decided that I would live like the 4 Hour Work Week and that nothing else would do except that crazy, seemingly impossible lifestyle.

My motivation was extreme: I would succeed and it was the only possible outcome in my head, no matter what naysayers were saying & no matter how people thought I was a fool for wanting something “impossible”. “Find a job and work hard’, they said.

That’s where Adam Savage from the Mythbusters comes in: “I reject your reality and substitute with my own“.

As I’m writing this, in December 2013, things are looking fantastic. Although I’m still working my ass off, things are starting to roll and I’m making money online selling great services and applications (other websites). And most important: I’m doing things that I insanely love and everyday that I wake up I have an amazing smile on my face, something I can assure you I haven’t had in a long time.


This blog is about my quest to living the 4 Hour Workweek, travelling, learning about everything and living a THRILLING, FULFILLING life. I want to meet & hang around smart, active, mindful, healthy, crazy goal-oriented and out-of-the-box thinking people. I love learning about anything and everything and I post about my strategies, processes, successes, failures and will go in as much details as I can so I can TRIGGER THE FLAME IN YOU TOO.

If you’d like to change the way you’re living now and build the life you deserve then you should subscribe to my newsletter, ask questions & comment 🙂

I use this blog mostly to write down and understand my own thoughts and ideas in order to internalize them faster and better. It’s what I learn about life as I learn it, 100% true and unfiltered. If one day I see something that gets me mad and trigger my writing wrath then it will be reflected in the article like in “About mindsets. About life. (read at your own risks, it could piss you off…)“.

To better understand the reasons about why I blog, you should read “The Chaos of Life” theory first.

This is my journey to the life I’ve imagined.

PS: if you like anything I write or do, say it! I love the love 😉 Tweet me, Facebook me, Google+ me, comment on this blog, share. I love the interaction and I can say that I am always thrilled and lucky to be surrounded by people like you.


Me on the top of a mountain. Close your eyes: can you feel that amazing hot wind in your face too? That sweat from running up that hill and how GREAT if feels to be exhausted?

Me on the top of a mountain. Close your eyes: can you feel that amazing hot wind in your face too? That sweat from running up that hill and how GREAT if feels to be exhausted?

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5 comments on “About Joel Alain
  1. Hi Joel,

    I actually just now read your “About” page, I also just recently read the 4 hour work-week and I am looking to escape the rat race. I’m researching and working on developing passive income and looking to create and monetise a few websites – i’m sick of working too hard for too little for somebody else! I see that you buy/sell websites – I am looking to buy, do you have any gems for sale? (Adsense / Affillate types sites or other?)

    • Hi Graham, I actually build all my sites and code them myself (apart from WordPress & blogs). So basically I think, design, then launch my own ideas (and I have MANY). I haven’t sold any and don’t think I will unless I see an opportunity or I am overwhelmed. But so far so good. If you’re looking for “quick buy-sell” strategy, I would suggest otherwise and go the long way by learning the process, how it’s done, practicing all notions of the 4 Hour Work Week instead. That way it will allow you to build on a strong foundation for the future. There is no such things as easy money or “get rich quick” opportunities on the internet! Hard, hard work = 4hww once you internalize the notions. Good luck!

  2. Joel
    I found your website and blog while looking for info on the web about the 80/20 principle and the 4HWW. I bought the 4HWW as Christmas gift to myself and just got the 4HC book after coming to your site. You have inspired me just as much as Tim’s books. Keep the updates coming because they push me to improve myself just as much as posting them does for you.

    • Hey Gary, thanks for the kind words! Despite my blog being so new, your comment goes a long way. For people wanting success or to move past “walls”, I’ll soon launch a series of really cool (it think) interviews where the goal is to take action on things that scare you. And it’s funny your name is Gary since the first person I’d like to interview is another Gary (Vaynerchuk) if I can reach him. If you have suggestions or think of a subject or challenge just drop a line!

      Thanks again and good luck with Tim’s way of life

  3. I found you by finding a simple little tutorial on how to display a small business’ website URL on a Facebook business page. It was simple, and it worked (thanks!) … more importantly, that page linked to THIS site and I ended up here thinking: “I’m basically THIS guy!” Thanks for the inspiration!