I want to be thrilled
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Are bad employees ruining your business?

I just need to talk about my customer service experience that I had yesterday. I took the commuter train in Montreal yesterday, but since I was early I took the time to buy a coffee and a sandwhich at a small shop in the food court. So I walk...
Bad economy

Scarcity Mindset & Reticular Activation System

I just need to rant on this. I’m so tired of being surrounded by “the masses” and their negative, self-limiting, self-defeating, follow-the-herd mindset. It’s such a drag for the morale. When I hear people saying that things are “unfair”, that the 1% has almost all the money while the so-called 99%...
Peter Diamandis Millennial Generation

How To Hire Millennial – Peter Diamandis

This is a review / analysis of Peter Diamandis latest blog post. Since I didn’t want to repost his content, I attached an image of my notes. Peter says that it’s important to MAKE THE MOST OUT OF EVERY TYPE OF EMPLOYEE, especially Millennials since they are very different...