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Crazy end-of-year “Interview your GURU” Challenge

My Guru Challenge: Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, Neil Strauss, Adam Savage, Owen Cook, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brad Branson

My Guru Challenge: Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, Neil Strauss, Adam Savage, Owen Cook, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brad Branson

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve exchanged tweets 1x Gary Vaynerchuk, 2x Tim Ferriss, 1x with Kevin Rose, I’ve talked with Brad from RSD, got Ryan Holiday to use my favicon for his website and filmed my first VLOG similar to the ones RSD makes (which thrilled me because i kept finding reasons to postpone it).

I don’t say this to brag but rather because i thought it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do and yet, i was able to do all this in the last 14 days… All I needed was to stand out and think outside the box… What else is impossible? What other walls can we CRUSH but never take a swing at it?? I’m trying to change my mindset: stop thinking small and instead THINK BIG!

So since I’m on a roll and my mindset is starting to shift on what’s possible or not, I have a new special challenge that I’d love if someone else would be up to (and exchange tips)…. but it’s a fucking scary one.

Interview your guru challenge by Tim Ferriss, in the 4 Hour Work Week

Interview your guru challenge by Tim Ferriss, in the 4 Hour Work Week

On page 49 of the 4-Hour Workweek, Tim said he once asked students to try to contact 3 seemingly impossible people and get at least one to answer 3 questions. And since i’m trying to do every challenge in the book to get the 4HWW mindset, that is one awesome thing to try. So:

  • my goal is to contact 3 “gurus” or “mentors” that I like and follow weekly (3000 twitter/facebook fans or more) and get them to answer 3 questions on a 5 min max skype interview
    • can be anyone local, international
    • in any field of activity
    • all in all, it could take 2-3 hours TOTAL of preparing, communications, etc including the interview itself.
  • The goal is to have at least ONE interview of 5 min MAX before December 31rst at midnight. That’s a pretty fantastic way to finish the year!
  • In my challenge, I have chosen my 7 favorite gurus that I’m 100% sure (in my normal society-built mindset) that they’ll say NO or worse, that it will be impossible to even reach them:
    • Brad Branson from RSD
    • Owen Cook from RSD
    • Adam Savage from Mythbuster
    • Gary Vaynerchuk
    • Neil Strauss
    • Kevin Rose
    • Tim Ferriss
    • …others if time permits or if I don’t get an answer from any of them.

I have NO clue if it’s even possible or if any will bother (some of them have 1 million followers or more!), especially since it’s the holidays, which will make it extra hard (break assumptions), but just the idea of it is terrifying and fun.  In fact, I’d even say that it is impossible to get any to accept, therefore I’m setting myself for failure, PUBLICLY. But that’s the point: stop listening to yourself and TRY, you never know. Worse case scenario nothing happens, and you live another day! Otherwise ONE accept and you break through another wall and set new goals!


  • break assumptions
  • challenge what you believe is impossible
  • get outside your comfort zone
  • fail and see it’s not that painful
  • try until you succeed!


I can’t wait to start this challenge tomorrow, December 12, 2013. I have 19 days to find ONE person for interview.

PS: this is a SMALL time investment that could turn into HUGE growth ROI


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