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Do you have a loser mentality toward money?

Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week delegation example

I’ve been on a crazy new challenge for the last 7 days because I want my to finish 2013 on the highest note ever.

Interestingly, 50% in this 14 day challenge, I read in the 4 Hour Work Week about a guy paying over-sea firms in the 4 figures for work done for their clients and then charging them 6 figures prices for that same job. At first, I had the “loser attitude” of thinking stuff like: “this is scandalous! Thieves! They should make LESS MONEY!”…………

But a few minutes later, and well after realizing my “loser moment”, I chilled down, took a deep breath and tried to make the best out of that knowledge. I loved the fact that I snapped myself out of that mindset as soon as I realized I was thinking like that (thank you NLP). It reminded me why I was so poor at the moment: I used to always undercharge myself and ended up always living right on the edge, running for the next check in order to survive. We call that the scarcity mentality, and it SUCKS.

So here’s my learned lesson: I’m a THINKER, this is my strength, and I love to solve problems, find ideas, etc. So I’m not supposed to mechanically punch on a keyboard to add value to a product or service, but I should instead THINK and DELEGATE everything that is not cerebral! Which is EXACTLY what the guy charging 6 figures $$ did: a client WANTED something and didn’t know how to do it, so they hired that guy. When the guy told him the price, the firm AGREED to pay. In other words, they agreed that the price they were paying was good and that it was ADDING VALUE TO THEM.

That being said, the guy then went on websites like www.elance.com to find people qualified enough to do the job and delegated bits and pieces to different experts in their field and probably got excellent results (otherwise he wouldn’t stay in business). So he basically acted as a knowledge hub and work distribution center, relaying the whole work on a big workforce while thinking about the process, how to do it, how to add value, what to do and where, etc. So he added a TON of value for the client, just by knowing what to do and how and organizing the process. The idea is that very few people can actually do that correctly! EVEN if for him it’s REALLY easy and it takes him 10 hours to do total. Good for him! He shouldn’t shy away from money if he’s superbly qualified.

This is so brilliant, I love it. I love the mindset that “it’s OK to make money” instead of only feeling good when the client wins and have great value while you don’t (which is how I used to work, always).

Tim Ferriss even delegated parts of his books to other people and the content didn’t lose any value.

I need to change the loser mentality in which I feel like I need (must) to do everything myself and then pat me in the back for working hard. In the end, I’m sure it’s even worse for the client to do that because 1- I can’t be an expert in all fields and 2- it takes me much more time to deliver the job.

So you need to learn to think like a champion, otherwise you’ll stay an employee or a poor & overworked entrepreneur all your life.

Joel Alain is on a quest to the 4 Hour Workweek Lifestyle, Accelerated Growth & Meta Learning. He rejects status quo and the so called "common sense" and creates his own vision of reality. The goal being to live the life you've imagined, no matter how crazy that is. Hop in.
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