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Gary Vaynerchuk EPIC “Self Awareness” Follow-Up: We ALL Start At ZERO

After seeing Gary Vaynerchuk “Self Awareness” video, I got inspired and made a short mash up of old Gary videos… for me… but also for you.

Have you ever watch a video, read a blog post, seen a product and wondered “They are PROS, and were always that good… I’ll never be able to be as good”? Well I sure did think like that, a LOT. So 2 years ago on my search to find out how a few successful people that I admire started out, I found these old videos of Gary Vaynerchuck and was dumbfounded: is THAT REALLY the way Gary started out?? And I thought “wow, I must post a short video about this to inspire other people to get started”… but I didn’t have time and never got to do it… until now. Because I saw that “Self Awareness” video earlier today, I got inspired and decided to make this little montage and I want to tell you this:

Never delay getting started on your projects because you look at someone like Gary Vaynerchuk or other massively successful people and just think: “I can never be that cool, that good”, etc. We ALL start at ZERO. EVERYONE. And from that point, slowly, one iteration at a time, we build our style, our brand, our energy, our confidence.

In case you never saw GaryVee’s FIRST WineLibrary Video and all you’ve seen is his latest videos, his #AskGaryVee show, you’d think that he’s ALWAYS been good on video, and a natural… Well you’re in for a shock:

So there it is. We ALL start at zero, even Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the guy that looks the most at ease on camera started looking extremely shy and professional. Stop finding reasons not to start and post your first video/audio/podcast/blog post/product/service/etc this week and get going!

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