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Gary Vaynerchuk EPIC “Self Awareness” video [MP3 + MP4 downloadable]

I just saw on Facebook today Gary Vaynerchuk’s new EPIC video on Self Awareness. I loved it so much that I downloaded the video, converted it as a audio file (MP4a, which is like a MP3) and added it to my phone & Android tablet that I use as a wake-up alarm.

Yeah. Every single morning since June 2013 (yeah, 2 years ago), I’ve brainwashed myself with many videos that I converted to audio and woke up to, at random. A few of these videos have been from Gary Vaynerchuk and today I’ve added a new one.

And I thought that I could share them with you in case you wanted to do the same, so here they are! Feel free to download them as use them to listen to when you run, train or like me to wake me up in the morning with these EPIC motivational pieces:

Gary Vaynerchuk EPIC “Self Awareness” Motivational Video [MP4a, which is an audio file like MP3] (right click to download audio)

I think the main idea behind “self awareness” is really understanding who you are, what are your strengths, weaknesses, what you rock at, what you’re bad at, maximizing who you are vs emulating someone else because you think that they’re cooler. If you think that “you’re not unique enough”, that “you don’t have a voice”, that it’s “better if you copy someone else”, then you need to understand that we ALL start at ZERO (click here to see Gary Vaynerchuk doing his FIRST internet video, you won’t believe it), without a clear-cut style, a well-defined brand and it’s only by hammering at it for hours and hours, failing, trying some more, and doing many things (blogs, vlogs, videos, products, whatever) over and over that you FINALLY become a brand, have a voice. And I think that this “Self Awareness” video is just about that.

… And the original video that I uploaded to Youtube, since Gary did not 😉

And this is one of the videos I’ve been waking up to every day since June 2013, one of the most motivating video I’ve ever listened to:

MP3 >> Gary Vaynerchuk on Patience & Passion, his other EPIC 2008 speech that will kick your ass! This is an MP4a (like an MP3) that I have shortened to the essential. (right click to download audio)

Here’s the video version:

I hope you like them! And don’t forget, SMURF IT UP!

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2 comments on “Gary Vaynerchuk EPIC “Self Awareness” video [MP3 + MP4 downloadable]
  1. Joel, I absolutely Love this Video by Gary Vaynerchuk! I also saw it as a sponsored post on my Facebook Feed and it inspired me to write a blog post. I love that this video basically gives people the permission to stop tormenting themselves into trying to fit into an identity or skill set that is just NOT in Their DNA. I was also surprised that he didn’t upload it to youtube so kudos to you for uploading! Great Post!!