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Gary Vaynerchuk explains why you must start using Google Plus for business NOW

Gary Vaynerchuk's 77 seconds of wisdomGary Vaynerchuk is always at the forefront of technologies and he seems to have a knack about what will be important or not. This is a 1 minute clip that is PURE GOLD that I’ve extracted from a 1 hour presentation and if you don’t want to watch the full thing, then this is all you need to watch.

He says that he think Google Plus strength is NOT about being the next “Social Network” but rather as an API (a script used by other applications or websites) that contain all the information on the user (aka YOU) like behaviors, likes, dislikes, content visited, etc.  Also, there is the fact that all this information is linked to your Gmail account (in other words, Google knows EVERYBODY that you’ve talked too since you’ve started using Gmail) which is a sort of Facebook (Google knows your social circle) in that it can measure your SOCIAL INFLUENCE and how important your opinion or taste are in the eyes of other people.

It means that Google knows EVERYTHING about you. It does. There are millions of websites using Google Analytics stats tracking API that also knows who you are since you are most likely logged in all the time when making searches on Google.  And because of that, of Google+ of Youtube (the new TV), etc we will be able to target customers in a VERY efficient manner in the near future (2014?) and that content and advertising based on this platform can give HUGE leverage to your brand or business. So GET ON GOOGLE PLUS NOW!

Gary Vaynerchuk explains why you must start using Google Plus for business NOW

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