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Yoga for fantastic healthy toe nails?

10 minutes of yoga for healthy toe nails?
If you’re interested in general health, i have a weird story to share. Hang in, it’s weird, but very useful.
In the last 2-3 years, I’ve noticed that some of my toe nails were getting brittle, mainly the big toes and 2nd toes. For those of you who don’t know, nails are one of the first indicator of good/bad health or lack of vitamins or minerals (toe nails being an even better indicator than hand nails). If you have brittle, bumpy or discolored nails, it can lead after a few years to other major health problems: they show you visually what’s going on inside your organs & arteries. In other words, if you can maintain nice, flexible, pinkish and smooth nails then you’ll stay healthier longer.
Here’s the important part: no matter how well I ate in the past 2 years, each time i cut them, they would snap where the clipper ended because they were dry: my feet area lacked vitamins, minerals, had bad blood circulation, etc.
BUT, this is the first time today i cut them since the start of my big challenge started 40 days ago, my toe nails were so flexible and “tender” that none broke for the first time in, well 2-3 years. They felt MUCH better, healthier. For those who don’t know, my challenge consist of 28 repetitions per day of each of these: push-ups, pull-ups, chair dips, flights of stair (run), burpees; and a 2.2 km run per day and 10 min of yoga (stretching) per day.
How to fix unhealthy toe nails
Now i can’t point out if it’s because of all those exercises, or just the running/stairs/yoga, or just yoga, but one thing for sure: exercise had a bigger impact on my health then food alone (I eat a lot of fresh, uncooked veggies each day and did so for the past 5 years).
So that’s it, I felt like sharing that because it surprised me a LOT after cutting my nails. I actually tried for quite some time to fix them with supplements, food, etc but it never worked and with only 40 days of body weight training, it went from brittle to super flexible and a nice healthy pink. But i’m sure it can get even better and that’s why I’m truly excited about this year-long epic 50 000 reps body challenge.

How to fix your toe nail problems and overall health?

I think that body-weight training is fantastic for your health since it get all the muscles, joints, arteries in your body going and help you get fitter all-around. But adding 10-15 minutes of intense yoga each night is probably a fantastic complement. It stretches every muscles and nerves and arteries and organs in your body which is proven to be insanely healthy (just check this 90+ year old woman that still teaches yoga).
So if this kind of stuff interest you, you should start moving more in all directions (not just weight lifting) and start checking your nail regularly and making sure you maintain them always pink and flexible for optimal health all life long.
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