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How to avoid burnouts

How to Avoid Burnouts? Answer at www.joelalain.com/how-to-avoid-burnouts I think one of the main reason why burnouts happen is when you’re being confronted by a task or project that we either don’t like or that is really of massive scale. When this happens, we tend to blow it out of proportions and make the demon appear bigger than it really is. We just see that task as a dreadful mountain of impossibly long and tedious work and all we want to do is put it away and ignore it, both because it’s easier to push it under the rug for now and because there is no urgency to solve it.

But that toxic, deadly mistake and will lead you to burnout.

Even if you think you’re not thinking about it, YOU REALLY ARE. And it’s draining your willpower and vital energy EVERY DAY. So not only are you not making any progress in that task but on top of that you are draining your mental potential to accomplish it later on, which will accentuate the vicious circle and finally leading you to a solid burnout. It will also produce an ENORMOUS amount of unhealthy stress. What’s surprising, though, is that we do this every month with the most MUNDANE TASKS: tightening the screws from a slack door knob, pushing back a boring call for something important because you know (or think) you’ll waste time with customer service, etc. Most of the time, these tasks could take no more than 10-20 minutes to complete but we instead spend months avoiding them and stressing out. When the task is too big or stressful, and after pushing it away for too long, we break down and into a burnout.

Stop draining your willpower by pushing away something that you WILL HAVE TO DO ANYWAY.

YOU can accomplish ANY AND ALL tasks that are given to you but you MUST follow ONE SUPER EASY RULE:

  • do ONE EASY 10 minute sub-task EVERY DAY.

That’s it. Chip away at it a little at a time and in NO TIME AT ALL, you’ll be DONE! I still can’t believe how much I can accomplish on a project when I do a little every day. BUT you MUST respect these rules:

  1. you MUST 10 minutes, no more on that task EVERY DAY, except for Sundays
  2. There is NO EXCUSE or REASON not to have 10 minute in your day for it. NONE. Richard Branson is managing 100+ businesses worth billions and he would find make time. So can you.

And you know what? Most of the time, you’ll end up doing just a little more than 10 minutes and not even notice it. That way, it won’t drain your willpower (because it’s so easy) AND because you KNOW you’re making progress,  you’ll be really happy about it. It’s ASTONISHING how much you can ACCOMPLISH with MINIMAL EFFORT when you chip away at it every day justtttttt a little bit.

It’s called the 1% rule.

And once you do this, you will be able to accomplish ANY tasks that you set your mind to. Start today: what is ONE task that you’d rather “do tomorrow” that you can do RIGHT away for 10 min (put a timer)? Now start that timer and get going!


How to avoid burnouts? http://www.joelalain.com/how-to-avoid-burnouts/

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