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How to create a random alarm on the iPhone?

This HowTo will tell you how to create a (somewhat) random alarm on the iPhone pre-installed alarm app. You’ll be able to wake up every morning with music, speeches, etc.


UnlockĀ your iPhone phone or tablet and locate the “Clock” app

iPhone Clock app


Create 2 to 7 alarms for each day of the week. As you can see from my list, I have alarms that ring on one or 2 different days. It’s up to you.

Create an alarm per day - iPhone random alarm


Now set the time & title of the alarm, and when you’re done click on “Sound”.

Set the time & title of your alarm and then click on 'sound' - iPhone random alarm


Scroll all the way up and select the “Pick a song” option.

Select from your music library a song - iPhone random alarm


Now select the correct playlist. In my case, it is “Inspiration”.

Remember: for this step, you need to make sure that you synchronize your iTunes music with your phone by connecting it by cable to your computer. Also, custom made music/speeches like mine are not downloaded automatically on the phone, you need to select “Sync playlist” from your connected phone icon in iTunes and choose the desired playlist.

Select the correct playlist - iPhone random alarm


Choose which song / speech you want to wake up to for this particular alarm and then SAVE the alarm.

Choose the desired music to wake up to - iPhone random alarm


Repeat the process for each day! Tadam! You now have different alarms to wake up to for each day of the week!

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2 comments on “How to create a random alarm on the iPhone?
  1. I’m actaully learning to create a random timer that can go off within a 4hour time frame 4x at various different intervals in each series. The reason is because I’m using a variable reinforcement schedule with preferred edibles to shape a new habit.

    If you have any info on such a timer or app shoot me and email.

    Thanks in advance!