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How To Hire Millennial – Peter Diamandis

This is a review / analysis of Peter Diamandis latest blog post. Since I didn’t want to repost his content, I attached an image of my notes.

Peter says that it’s important to MAKE THE MOST OUT OF EVERY TYPE OF EMPLOYEE, especially Millennials since they are very different from the previous generations and are still mostly misunderstood by managers, which leads to friction and diminished productivity.

I’m one of those thing, a Millennial. When I was younger, every time  that I worked for somebody else, they would try to “force me into the mold” and I hated it and revolted because I knew that I could be much more useful in a more flexible environment. I was so mad in fact “of my idiot managers” that I ofter told them they were idiots… and got fired a lot  🙂 (but this was a great thing, because now I’m much happier doing my own things). In fact, I think I’ve been fired from almost all my jobs because I resented the way they used me: I had so many ideas, so much potential but instead they tried to beat me into submission. Well, that didn’t work very well.

Millennial don’t really think like other generations and if you give them what they want you’ll get WAY more out of their work. What we’re talking about is not manipulation but rather a WIN-WIN scenario. Don’t be afraid of difference or try to “fit them in the mold”. In fact, EMBRACE differences and focus on their STRENGTHS while minimizing / delegating their WEAKNESSES.

On his article, Peter Diamandis makes a list of 5 points on how to hire Millennials that is very important to consider & understand if you’re building a team of AAA-Players.

When I read this article today, I was thrilled: this was the first time that someone wrote something about my way of thinking that really made sense. So here it is, along with my notes and highlights, hope you like:

Peter Diamandis Millennial Generation

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