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Jeff Bezos’ HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY [Blue Origin historic landing]

Jeff Bezos huge missed opportunity Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos huge missed opportunity Blue Origin.

Today, November 24, 2015 Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin team were the first to bring a rocket to space and then landing in on the same pad. They made the first reusable rocket, beating Elon Musk by a few months (Elon, the medias won’t care whether it’s “to orbit” or “to space” for them it means the same).

But… Jeff Bezos just did an immense mistake: he never leveraged a fan base, he never got people excited, he totally underused the web and social medias and bloggers and he got almost no “free media impressions” from his exploits.

And then, out of nowhere, he claims to have sent a rocket into space and back onto its landing pad, creating the first ever reusable rocket.

As you can see with the image above (click to make bigger), this is my analysis of the event. Because he had no fan and nobody that cared or was involved emotionally in his endeavor, this historic event went totally “unnoticed” as opposed to if it was SpaceX that did it.

For example, SpaceX, with its 1 millions fans on Facebook, put on a post about internship that got MORE LIKES than Blue Origin historic event (3800 likes vs 1600 likes).

Every single time that SpaceX or Telsa post a new story, technology, article, etc it gets re-tweeted, blogged, shared, talked about in the news and on YouTube channels and on Facebook. THAT is how you do it: build a raving fan base, then get them excited with your progress! (You need to learn from the best here: Apple does it every week, month by releasing tidbits of information that the world just talk about for FREE!)

What isn’t to like?? It’s a new SPACE RACE! Wake up Jeff Bezos! Time to fire your marketing / PR team because you missed one hell of an opportunity to be seen and known and loved!

Worst than that: because you “have no friends” and out of the blue his team pulls off this stunt, NOBODY CARES. He looks like a group of elites “one-upping” Elon Musk and telling the world that “they are better”. And I know that’s not their intention, but that’s what everybody thinks and sees. And perception is EVERYTHING.

You see, in order to get people to share what you do, you need to get them excited, thrilled, emotionally engaged in what you do. They need to BE PART OF THE TRIBE, GROUP, ADVENTURE.

Just imagine for a second that all your friends went to a secret island on the Pacific ocean and had an incredible life changing trip and NEVER INVITED YOU. Then they come back and can’t stop talking about it and how fun it was. You know what? You’ll think that they are jerks and you’ll be very annoyed every time they talk about it.

Well the world (the people excluded from the tribe) feels just like that now with Blue Origin.

And that’s sad, because what else is more exciting then having the most legendary brilliant entrepreneurs (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson) racing for space colonization? Are you kidding me! What a missed opportunity to get people involved, excited and taking sides! That would bring out the best out of each clans!

Instead, why the heck did Jeff Bezos kept it secret?

What did it bring to him? Surprise? Publicity? No! It brought him resentment and a lukewarm media reaction. It could have brought him millions of fans, supporters, and media attention if he (or his team) had shared all steps leading to this historic space exploration event to the world. Oh yeah, and inspired thousands of kids to get into science and space too.

What else? Blue Origin doesn’t even have a Facebook page. What a sad sad thing. Do they know it’s 2015?

Well Jeff Bezos, what you just did is amazing, but you just screwed up big time on getting the word out, building a raving fan base and having anyone care. You might as well have lost that race.

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