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CHALLENGE RESULTS: Crazy end-of-year “Interview your GURU” Challenge

Gary Vaynerchuk accepts my guru challenge!

Gary Vaynerchuk accepts my guru challenge!

My challenge has been done for a few days now, but I was just too busy to report. Here is the report and a few lessons learned from this project:


  • I will now start doing interviews regularly
    • I was always fascinated by interviewers for a few reasons: they get to meet great people, they get to socialize and extend their social & business network, they get to learn directly from interesting people .
    • since i loved the idea that i could do interview with amazing people and got over my fear of contacting them, AND had a reason to do so, I thought that I might as well continue doing so.
    • So I will now start to do interviews as a way to network, meet interesting people and grow my social skills
    • I will start really small with friends at first, to practice, and then I’ll do a few clients, and move on from here
  • Gary Vaynerchuk actually ACCEPTED to do it…
    • but he must have got flooded with other priorities and forgot about it, sadly, despite my numerous attempts to contact him.
    • I could have annoyed him until he saw my email but didn’t want to come from that frame.


  • Timing is everything: trying to contact a guru between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is next to impossible, hell it’s even hard to do with people you know that just scatter around in their families. I could have found other ways or time to contact them but I was also lacking time…
  • Start smaller: It’s best to wait until you “deserve their time” before going for bigger gurus. I think it’s best when someone they know refers you to them. So start small and grow from there. Just pounding on the head of a guru until he answers will just leave a bitter taste in his mouth and it’s a bad way to get your name remembered
  • beat the iron while it’s still hot: I could have given my Skype username and told Gary to call me right away so as soon as he says “yes”, we could have taken action. Instead, I sent my “Pinterest poster” from this challenge on twitter with no ways to contact me afterward, therefore adding steps and complexities that didn’t need to be there.
  • by doing crazy challenges like this was a great way to get me started thinking even more outside the box and doing other great challenges and pushing through walls


  • FAILED: to get one guru to do a 5 min interview
  • but… this got me on a new path and gave me a reason to start doing interviews, which is something that thrills me as much as it scares me

The overall conclusion of this challenge was that it was an amazing life changing opportunity and now, EVEN with a failure, I’m on to bigger, better things that will lead to growth!

Joel Alain is on a quest to the 4 Hour Workweek Lifestyle, Accelerated Growth & Meta Learning. He rejects status quo and the so called "common sense" and creates his own vision of reality. The goal being to live the life you've imagined, no matter how crazy that is. Hop in.
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