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“Me too” & “I like this” people are rendering comment sections in website useless

Yes, the “me too” people are lovable and full of good intentions. But they are useless and frustrating. Wait a bit… OK, I’m sorry, but it’s just that I’m mad at all the time wasted in sorting the bad comments and trying to find the little nugget of gold in between.

In fact it’s not their fault, it’s WordPress fault, Disqus fault and so on. I can’t believe that in 2013, they haven’t fixed that yet. Please, oh please WordPress, Disqus, etc add 3 simple tabs on the comment box when commenting:

  1. General comment [DEFAULT OPTION]
  2. Question
  3. Add value to the article

That’s it! This would have 3 ramifications:

  1. “Me too” people will realize that they could actually say something useful (they will see the choices) and might actually do so and raise the quality of the comment section instead of lowering it
  2. MOST lazy people would use the default setting and add their comment there
  3. Smart, conscious & community-oriented people would be able to add value

The most important thing here to remember is that every community / website fans have tremendous value to offer and no ways of standing out in the 80% comments that are USELESS! I often go read websites from Tim FerrissMarie ForleoTED, etc and they have so many amazing fan that can add value to a blog post, ask great questions, add value/precision, etc that it is a gold mine of information that is really hard to get to.

Wouldn’t it be great to go to Tim’s blog and extract all “Ideas”, “Questions”, “Value added comments”, etc and interact with those people? I would love to be able to engage in smart conversation with only those people and learn more in the process.

Please, all of you, comment-specialized application, can you grant my wish?

Thank you.


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