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Passion is beautiful & sexy

Equinox is one of companies that thrives not only in excellence but also passion. Passion is one of the most crucial part of a post 2012 company. We are going into a world where competition is getting stronger and stronger and marketing is going to find a new “tactic” every month. I believe that the only companies that will truly stand the test of time are the one with CEO/owner living their passion and truly believing in their products/services. The amazing thing about this is that you can’t fake it. Your whole company has to sweat it from top t bottom. Just like apple believe they are building amazing, passionate products, Equinox is. And this video represents just that. Enjoy.

Joel Alain is on a quest to the 4 Hour Workweek Lifestyle, Accelerated Growth & Meta Learning. He rejects status quo and the so called "common sense" and creates his own vision of reality. The goal being to live the life you've imagined, no matter how crazy that is. Hop in.
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