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Past EPIC Challenges


Check them out to see the results, failures, successes, lessons learned:

My Guru Challenge: Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, Neil Strauss, Adam Savage, Owen Cook, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brad Branson

Crazy end-of-year “Interview your GURU” Challenge

On page 49 of the 4-Hour Workweek, Tim said he once asked students to try to contact 3 seemingly impossible people and get at least one to answer 3 questions. And since i’m trying to do every challenge in the book to get the 4HWW mindset, that is one awesome thing to try. So my goal is to contact 3 “gurus” or “mentors” that I like and follow each week (3000 twitter/facebook fans or more) and get them to answer 3 questions on a 5 min max Skype interview

  • TIME FRAME: December 22nd 2013 to December 31st, 2013
  • CHALLENGE:  Convince 3 gurus that I follow weekly to agree to do a 5 min Skype interview to answer 3 questions.
  • WHY? I want to start doing interviews as both a way to learn from the best and a way to practice social skills and interact with well known people from around the world. Also, we never know where this can lead me!
  • CONSEQUENCE for not achieving my goal by date:  n/a

Full details:

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