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Promise renewal: Aim HIGH

4hww promise

On August 4, 2013, I made a promise of aiming for the 4 Hour Workweek and succeeding within the shortest amount of time. My initial goal was to reach it by September 25th, 2013, which I missed. But nevertheless, it made me push really hard toward that goal and helped me make tremendous progress since I had to think outside the box. Now, in December, I can almost see the finish line. But since I want to make sure that my brain knows that there’s no escape, I’ll renew the promise.

The promise had a few key points:

  • tie a piece of string around my wrist with the goal of not removing it until I succeed at:
    • generating revenues online with a muse
    • make as much money as I’m doing now with my normal job
    • not having to work anymore X hours for Y money
  • when I achieve those criteria, I’ll go in Hawaii for at least 30 days, ideally 2 to 3 months to train, workout, take the sun, etc (because it’s a place that I really like)
  • …and I’ll run a small hill near Honolulu that I’ve have already climbed in 2011 and in a symbolic way cut the string at the top, having succeeded my seemingly impossible goal

Because this symbolic goal is so cool and fun, I REALLY look forward to going there and enjoying my time.

My 2 next deadlines are:

  • make my FIRST DOLLAR online before December 25th
  • achieve the full goal before January 20, 2014

I’ll make it.


Hawaii hill near Honolulu

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