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The TRUE cost of NOT delegating like Tim Ferriss

Since time is endless, my default state has always been: "I'll fill it with work"

Since time is endless, my default state has always been: “I’ll fill it with work”

It took an enormous amount of time brainwashing myself into doing more and more delegation and letting go of my work-related (false) assumptions. I was such a perfectionist that I thought that the only way I could do something well was to do it myself. That was until I had a revelation, today. Yep, it took that long. It’s one thing to know something, but it’s another to fully understand and master a concept.

While delegating a few tasks this week that were part of my new 14 day challenge, I realized and fully grasped the fact that I wasted the last 2 weeks on a WordPress website with the WooCommerce plugin. I was just simply not knowledgeable enough in those platform and I should have asked for help right away instead of hammering and wanting to do everything myself.

Some key facts about the project:

  • I was charging the client 1000$ for it
  • it was a landing page & some Jquery + PHP scripting
  • delegating the whole thing would have taken me 1-2 hours of work (preparing, hiring, back and forth discussion with the employee, etc instead of 2 full week of work, or ~80 hours total
  • delegating it would have cost me around 150-300$

I spent hours and hours building that landing page, procrastinating, working some more on PHP code, procrastinating, etc. It’s amazing how much doing something you hate, or even anything you don’t really LOVE, can lead to tremendous pain, boredom and time wasted. All you’d have to do is give the task to someone else and you’d be free to do whatever you really care about.

So what was my cost fot not delegating?

  • 78 hours of not being able to work on other things and time lost (time is linear, all other tasks or fun things get pushed further)
  • loads of frustrations
  • tons of procrastination
  • high level of stress
  • not moving forward other important things that I really enjoy doing and the 4 Hour Work Week lifestyle
  • I made MUCH LESS money per hour:
    • 1000$ / 80 = 12.5$ / hour by doing it myself
    • 700$ / 2 = 350$ / hour by delegating the job
    • Doesn’t that tell it all? So how do you value your time? Me it was 12.5$ an hour.

What else? By using those 78 extra hours, I would have had all the time in the world to work on other projects, find more ways to make money, invest, read, learn, do sports… and do a lot more personal things that I love instead of being in front of a computer from morning to night.

The reason: I was looking at the wrong metric

The reason why I always thought “Why would I delegate this, I’ll make less money overall?” is because I always looked at the FINAL number: 1000$ vs 700$ in my pockets. So I always chose the biggest number.

But when you take the time to calculate the value as an amount per hour, which I think is a much better metric, you see a MUCH different scenario.

And that exactly what happened: I knew for the past 6 months that I needed to delegate in order to get to the next level. There was no way out of it: I couldn’t do everything myself and I knew it, and while I slowly learned and developed the skills and mindset to transition toward delegation, I just needed one final push. At soon as I realized that I could easily have found someone to do all that work at my place faster for less, and free up 2 FULL WEEKS to think about something else and enjoy some free time, my vision totally changed in that very instant… And today I delegated 5 new jobs and I was really proud and happy about that.

Time is linear and when you don’t delegate things just pile up at the end of that timeline until you get to those tasks. It’s not only wasted time, but also wasted opportunities to work on other things that would have made more money, more time, more enjoyment.

Think ahead & keep the thinking, strategies and problem solving for yourself and delegate everything else.

Joel Alain is on a quest to the 4 Hour Workweek Lifestyle, Accelerated Growth & Meta Learning. He rejects status quo and the so called "common sense" and creates his own vision of reality. The goal being to live the life you've imagined, no matter how crazy that is. Hop in.
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