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Tim Ferriss on How to Build Relationships in Events

Tim Ferriss 77 seconds of wisdomThis is a great video I found on Vimeo of Tim Ferriss explaining how to build relationships or meet the right people at events like South By Southwest (SXSW).

Tips on building relationships and meeting the right people at events


  • Go up to the organizer of panels & anybody that you connected with during the event and ask:
    • “Hey I’m new to this event, is there anybody I could enjoy meeting based on my skillset/services offered by my business or could need help?”
  • You can go talk to other people around the place and simply introduce yourself:
    • “Hey, sorry to interrupt, I’m new to this event, and I’d like to know what you are about, how you like the event so far, met any great people, etc” and just try to talk with them and learn more about them.
    • Tim recommend you stay low profile and open to making new friends instead of trying to prove how good you are. The goal is to be friendly and to not try to close on the first meeting. Have them talk, tell them a bit what you’re up to and if they are interested, then give them something they could directly use and be as precise as possible. Try to help them and don’t expect anything in return.


  • Skip the “Hey, what do you do” stuff, because they’ll hear it a thousand time during the day. Try to get to know them personally and build a network of help and trust. Nobody wants to just be around another person that use you like a tool and then throw you away when they’re done.
  • Don’t collect business cards thinking they are worth gold if you haven’t connected first with the person on a more intimate level


Note: Since I wanted to have a version on Youtube and in case it ever got deleted on Vimeo, I cut the first and last bit and uploaded it. Please note I’m not the owner of the original video.

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