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Why I used to fail… and how I fixed it

If you really want something, how do you take action?

Last week, after running my usual 100 flights of stairs for my 50 000 reps challenge I was exhausted because I was running up a bunch of stairs all covered in snow. This week, it snowed 2 times, so the stairs were just worse.

At that point I had a few solutions: I could either complain about it and stop training because I didn’t have access to any other stairs nearby (and fail my challenge), I could have run up the hill and risk hurting myself… or… well, this was my idea for this VLOG.

Take a look at my solution and tell me what you think in the comment section (did I do the right thing?):

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2 comments on “Why I used to fail… and how I fixed it
  1. So inspiring. After a business failure yesterday, I definitely needed this. Thank you so much. Keep up with your determination and keep us posted.

    • Thank you Donna for your kind words! We fail all the time and it’s what make us stronger afterwards. So good luck with your new ventures and keep the morale up 🙂